With the trending technology, it is very helpful to set up the wireless devices where the evolution of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi made the world with drastic change.

The Bluetooth Speakers can be used with a PC, tablets and mobile phones and the process of setting up Bluetooth speakers to your PC is relatively simple for both the operating system windows and Mac OS. The only thing you have to do is discover the speakers that the laptop searches for. Here are some of the ways to connect Bluetooth to your PC.

bluetooth speakers with PC

Visible your Bluetooth speaker

The first and foremost thing connecting a Bluetooth speaker is to make visible your speaker so that the PC will discover the speaker. Depending on the Bluetooth speaker model you have to set the device that is waiting to pair with the Bluetooth.

Connecting Bluetooth speakers with windows

Most of the Windows computers will support Bluetooth speakers as they are modern machines that help them with business-class desktop PCs and other old consumer class PCs. You can connect Bluetooth by USB receiver port that enables Bluetooth compatibility. You can also use the shortcut key by pressing the win key + k key.

bluetooth speakers with PC

Connecting Bluetooth speaker on a Mac

It is identical to connect Bluetooth speakers with PCs running osX or macOS and it is different from Bluetooth peripheral devices on windows. First thing, you have to click on the Apple menu, select system preferences, and then go to the dock and select the system preference icon.

You can find the Bluetooth on the system preference window. There will be a number of available devices so you have to select the connect button to connect the Bluetooth speaker.

Bottom lines

Bluetooth can connect wireless speaker to PC that will result in the best experience of using your PC while playing games, watching movies and learning with audio files.